Guidelines for Panel Organisers

Guidelines for Panel Organisers

Dear Colleagues,

The German Association of English Studies strives to do justice to the diversity of the subject with its annual conferences. For this purpose, the Association uses the structure of sections devoted to the different areas of English Studies. This leaflet summarises some recommendations for those who wish to organise sections.

When planning a section, please consider the following points:

1. The topics of the sections are to be voted on at the General Assembly 1 year before the respective Anglistentag. Proposals for sections with information on the chosen format (approx. 1 page) can be sent to the Executive Committee until the end of July of the previous year. The submitted proposals will be published on the website of the Association in a timely manner so that members can inform themselves about the proposed sections in advance of the vote. 

2 When choosing your section topics, please take into account any interdisciplinary links within our discipline. Sections that bring together the various areas of English Studies are welcome.

3. For each section, a maximum of 285 minutes – usually divided into three time slots (105 min, 90 min, and 90 min)– is available on two days, so that each section can comprise up to three panels. The exact format within these possible time slots is up to the organisers of the sections.

4. When designing the sections, it is desirable to address as diverse a group of participants as possible, e.g. with regard to academic career stages. As section organisers, you can also propose external plenary speakers. However, as the current conference format allows for fewer keynote lectures than sections, the selection of plenary speakers is left to the Anglistentag organising team in consultation with the Executive Board. As a rule, plenary speakers may be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses; no other financial contributions are customary.

5. Section proposals must be sent to the respective Anglistentag organising team as a “Call for Papers” by 15 November at the latest. The organising team will ensure that calls are circulated through the Association’s channels. To allow for timely planning, the recommended deadline for abstracts is 15 January of the year of the respective conference. The organisers of the sections will inform the Executive Board about the status of their planning by the time of the Executive Board’s spring meeting that year.


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